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Level 5 Management And Leadership Award BTEC QCF

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Course General Information

  • Available Delivery Method:
  • Online/Distance or Work-Based/Classroom
  • Qualification Gained:
  • Pearson BTEC Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership
  • Guided learning hours:
  • 60 hours
  • Online/Distance Learning Fee:
  • £595
  • Work-Based/Classroom Learning Fee:
  • £625
  • Next Work-Based/Classroom Learning Date:
  • May 1st, 2017
* This course is available for workplace or classroom delivery on demand.

Course Notes

Who is this course for?

This level 5 award in management and leadership qualification is ideal for middle managers seeking knowledge development in the key principles of management and leadership. The mandatory unit looks at the differences between management and leadership and offers an insight to the world of managing people and resources effectively.

Practical Benefits:

You will gain valuable leadership and management skills to enable you to be a better communicator with your internal and external stakeholders, a more efficient service provider and unit leader.


Be aged 19 and above, have a good standard of literacy, numeracy and ICT.


60 guided learning hours


See above for costs, prices are subject to change and you should contact us prior to booking.

Locations and modes of delivery:

This level 5 management and leadership award course is available through training classes, online or work based learning from our centre in County Antrim Northern Ireland and open to everyone worldwide.

Our clients range from managers of housing operations, to security and hospitality management. This qualification is suitable for all sectors of industry.

Choose online delivery as the fastest most flexible route to success or alternatively arrange for a work based programme or classroom style delivery on-site at your premises. Our online programmes are fully supported by experienced tutors and remote markers.

Course Description

This Level 5 Management and Leadership Award Course is brought you by HRD Services through Pearson BTEC. The Pearson BTEC Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership(QCF)offers students the opportunity to explore topics such as:

Principles of Management and Leadership

Description of activities/exercises:

You will complete workbook activities exploring the key differences and similarities between leadership and management and how the two roles are being combined into one position, within organisations during these lean times, gain knowledge and understanding of what is involved in leading and managing teams through viewing multimedia and interactive learning presentations, reading textbooks and researching/studying leadership and management concepts and models using reliable websites online. All provided through the centre for your convenience.

There is one whole unit assignment with this course, comprising coursework only. Assignment briefs are carefully crafted with workplace scenarios designed to improve knowledge and understanding in key aspects of management and leadership.

This single unit QCF qualification offers students the opportunity to develop knowledge through coursework. Our learning management system has e-books, presentations and the all-important vocational assignment briefs for students to engage with in effective study. We will support you throughout by email and phone call as necessary.

This single unit award at level 5 provides progression options to the certificate and diploma in management and leadership.

Need More Info?

If you are unsure whether this course is for you or your team, contact HRD Services to request a free consultation or information pack.

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