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Course General Information

  • Available Delivery Method:
  • Online/Distance or Work-Based/Classroom
  • Qualification Gained:
  • Edexcel BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership
  • Guided learning hours:
  • 240 hours
  • Online/Distance Learning Fee:
  • £1395
  • Work-Based/Classroom Learning Fee:
  • £1425
  • Next Work-Based/Classroom Learning Date:
  • May 1st, 2018
* This course is available for workplace or classroom delivery on demand.

Course Notes

Who is this course for?

The diploma in management and leadership through Edexcel is an excellent higher level 5 qualification for middle managers and upper line management candidates. The online programme is fully supported by an experienced tutor through our online learning management system.

Practical Benefits:

You will gain valuable management and leadership skills to enable you to be a better all-round manager and leader of people, service provider and business operator.


Be aged 19 and above, have a good standard of literacy, numeracy and ICT.


240 guided learning hours


See above for costs, prices are subject to change and you should contact us prior to booking.

Locations and modes of delivery:

This diploma in management and leadership course is available through training classes, online or work based learning from our centre in Belfast Northern Ireland and open to everyone worldwide.

All the necessary materials are present for study and learning in your course area. Coursework is submitted through state-of-the-art technology and you can communicate with your tutor via video conferencing software and e-mail at an agreed time.

Our flexible payment plans are in place to ensure you get the qualification you want without stressing over finances.

Choose from online and distance learning, work based learning or if you are a business seeking classroom style teaching and learning, please contact us today through the form provided.

Course Description

This Diploma in Management and Leadership course is brought you by HRD Services Belfast in conjunction with Edexcel. The Edexcel Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership offers students the opportunity to explore topics such as:

Principles of Management and Leadership

Plus six Optional units (please refer to the award page for full unit list or request the specification by email using the contact us form below)

Description of activities/exercises:

You will complete workbook activities exploring the principles of management and leadership for application in your organisation, key management topics for strategy, planning and competitive advantage through viewing multimedia and interactive learning presentations, reading textbooks and researching/studying management and leadership concepts and models using reliable websites online. All provided through the centre for your convenience.

There are seven whole unit assignments with this course, comprising coursework only (no exams).

Need More Info?

If you are unsure whether this course is for you or your team, contact HRD Services to request a free consultation or information pack.

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