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Certificate In HACCP Belfast Course

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Course General Information

  • Available Delivery Method:
  • Online/Distance or Work-Based/Classroom
  • Qualification Gained:
  • CIEH Foundation Certificate in HACCP - Level 2
  • Guided learning hours:
  • 9 hours
  • Online/Distance Learning Fee:
  • £55
  • Work-Based/Classroom Learning Fee:
  • £65
* This course is available for workplace or classroom delivery on demand.

Course Notes

The aim of the qualification is to introduce the concept of HACCP and to develop an understanding of and the ability to apply HACCP principles practically in food and food related businesses in order to ensure effective food safety.

HRD services offer students a variety of options from online and distance learning, home study, work based or classroom style delivery. Choose online and distance learning as the fastest route to success if you are an individual seeking development in the area of HACCP food safety.

Activities and exercises include sample tests, quizzes, case studies, discussion, debate and sharing views and opinions. Your tutor will provide everything needed for teaching and learning. All you have to do is take notes and enjoy the learning.

Businesses and organisations can arrange for training to be delivered on-site at a time and place to suit the team.

Contact us today for more information and a full specification for the programme...We will reply with the next available dates for courses running in the Belfast area, or in another location in Northern Ireland.

Remember, you can study from home or online any time. One of the assessment team will arrange for your exam in a location to suit your needs.

Course Description

The Foundation Certificate in HACCP is appropriate for all persons employed in food and food related businesses who need to have an understanding of HACCP. It is particularly useful for those involved in the implementation and maintenance of HACCP and individuals who are, or intend to become, members of HACCP teams.

This qualification is for food handlers and members of the HACCP team seeking to understand food borne illnesses and prevention of poisoning. Students will learn about the principles of hazard analysis and risks associated with food hygiene.

HACCP Courses run frequently in Belfast, and throughout the north of Ireland. Our haccp courses can be taken online, in a classroom setting over one day, with assessment taking place in a local library. Alternatively, if candidates wish to take an exam online, this can be arranged through our partner awarding bodies, Edexcel BTEC and HABC.

Coursework options may be available as a substitute for exams.

Need More Info?

If you are unsure whether this course is for you or your team, contact HRD Services to request a free consultation or information pack.

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