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Course General Information

  • Available Delivery Method:
  • Work-Based/Classroom Learning
  • Qualification Gained:
  • Level 2 Food Safety in Catering, Qualifications Network or Edexcel BTEC
  • Guided learning hours:
  • 0 hours
  • Online/Distance Learning Fee:
  • £0
  • Work-Based/Classroom Learning Fee:
  • £65
  • Next Work-Based/Classroom Learning Date:
  • April 15th, 2018
* This course is available for workplace or classroom delivery on demand.

Course Notes

Please call Martin McAfee direct on the office number 02890996742 or by mobile on 07821074362 to book your place now for the next course.

You can also request the course syllabus by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

If classroom delivery does not suit you, we also offer postal and online solutions to meet your needs. Please visit our Food Safety/Health and Safety category page for more information.

HRD Services are fully indemnified professional training providers offering a variety of customer service training courses, food safety programmes, management and leadership solutions and soft skills development from our accredited centre in Belfast.

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Course Description

The level 2 food hygiene/safety course is a short programme designed to meet the needs of food handlers responsible for safe production of food to consumers. The level 2 award in food safety in catering, formally known as basic food hygiene can be delivered over one day, or a couple of evenings to suit your needs.

Public courses are available monthly through HRD services, and on site programmes can be arranged for your staff members on demand. Courses are run in Belfast at the end of each month, and cover all the essential information required to handle and produce food, that is safe and clean for consumption.

The course content covers legislation, temperatures, pest control, kitchen layout and design, cross contamination and bacteria type, principles of haccp, cleaning and disinfection, roles and responsibilities of food handlers. At the end of the delivery of course content, participants are required to sit a short 30 question exam. Exam questions are based on content, and you will have plenty sample questions answered during the course delivery, to be prepared for the final exam.

Sample multiple choice testing occurs throughout delivery of the training, and plenty opportunity for discussion is available. Your tutor will explain anything you are unclear about, and offer assistance when required.

This course is suitable for anyone entering the food service industry, handling food e.g. foodstuffs and ice. The level 2 food safety in catering award can be taken through The Royal Society for Public Health or Edexcel BTEC. There is no real difference between the two awarding bodies in terms of content, however Edexcel BTEC provide a facility to submit coursework at all levels, as opposed to Exams only with Qualifications Network.

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If you are unsure whether this course is for you or your team, contact HRD Services to request a free consultation or information pack.

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